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    Obsession Bikes UX

    Obsession Bikes is a performance bike store in North Vancouver. We worked closely with their team and Emdoubleyu Design to transform the website into an interactive, user-first portal which felt like an online extension of the Obsession team.

    Our work

    UX design and build including:

    • information architecture
    • page flows + navigation
    • wireframing
    • design support + development advising
    • competitive analysis
    • SEO
    • WordPress theme customization + website build

    Key UX Challenges

    We needed to create an experience that captured Obsession’s promise of high quality, tested products, exceptional service and conveyed the attainableness of a performance bike rider’s lifestyle — shredding mountain trails, flying downhill feeling the wind on their face.

    Buying a performance bike isn’t equivalent to going to a megastore that happens to stock bikes along with their groceries and homeware, nor is it the type of product that should be bought online without having it personally tested and professionally fitted. But online shopping is growing worldwide, and with quick access to e-commerce, so is people’s need of making sure they get the best possible deal.

    UX Solutions

    With the intentional absence of an e-commerce platform and the understanding of the advantages of online shopping and users’ need to do their own research about brands, product reviews, and pricing at whatever time of day suits, we needed to first entice users to consider Obsession on their bike stores shopping list. The solution we created was to showcase the types of products stocked with transparency around starting prices, in addition to displaying brands and featured bike models.

    list of bike types

    List showing types of bikes stocked + starting prices

    how to buy a bike page on laptop screen

    The page flows and navigation needed to support the importance of this two-way communication message too. A solution was to include a How to buy a bike page and supporting links in the flow, detailing the Obsession process and encouraging people to take a demo ride and have their bike professionally fitted for an optimal experience.

    screenshots of contact feature

    The user journey needed to clarify the importance of having a conversation with an obsessed expert, online or in-store. This is the key to ensuring that potential customers will get the right bike for their unique needs — riding style, budget, weather conditions and terrain preferences.


    Wireframes showing page hierarchy + visual design suggestions

    information architecture sheet

    Information architecture diagram showing page hierarchy and sections within each page