About us

Let us introduce ourselves

We are a team. Our official names are Aida Viziru and Bogdan Miclaus, but you can call us Aida and Bogdan. We moved all the way to Vancouver, Canada to be able to start a business together. That's how serious we are about being a team.


Before teaming up in Vancouver, we have worked in marketing, web and graphic design in Germany, Canada and Australia.

What about our skills?

We both hold a degree in Communications and Public Relations. Not one degree between the two of us, one each. Our design skills are self-taught, but chiseled and constantly improved by years of challenging each other's designs and discussing color hues, spacing, alignment, drop-shadows and typefaces. There is no clear winner yet, except for the projects we deliver to clients located in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the UK and the US.

Why hire us?

We're not great at Math, but we know that combined, we have over 20 years of design experience. But it is not just our experience, it's the fresh ideas, the added value, the great attention to detail and excellent customer service that our clients appreciate.


Have a look at our projects to see what we can do. If you like what you see, get in touch with us and we can discuss your project today. If we don't have time, we'll make some with our time machine.